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How Grafana unified alerting powers Torqata’s data health scorecard system

A software company serving the tire and automotive industries, Torqata ingests, processes, and evaluates data from a large number of point-of-sale systems in order to provide SaaS solutions and analytics back to customers. Data is messy and complex, especially when managing feeds from several independent sources. They had a major need for real-time scorecarding across multiple data attributes received from these various locations, in order to dynamically create and track the health of new and existing data feeds. To meet these needs, the Torqata team experimented with and successfully implemented a live customer data scorecarding system with the unified alerting introduced in Grafana 8 last year.

In this session, Lead Data Engineer Marie-Claire Kore and CTO AJ Pryor will talk about how they used alerts to create an automated onboarding system that can monitor and communicate event-driven patterns within Torqata’s microsystems and databases, simultaneously automating customer onboarding and remediating data quality issues. Through the constantly monitored nature of using Grafana, their team has now created an effective, dynamic solution to managing data health that is also interesting as a non-standard application of “typical” alerting.

  • Marie-Claire Kore
    Marie-Claire Kore
    Lead Data Engineer at Torqata
  • AJ Pryor
    AJ Pryor
    CTO at Torqata