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With Grafana, KCB Bank Uganda improved service uptime and has the tools to scale

When KCB BANK Uganda moved its transaction systems from Nairobi, Kenya, to Kampala, Uganda, the main challenge was ensuring visibility into the status of the service and system and detecting downtimes before a user logged a complaint to customer service. For two years, this was a very tedious task because the KCB team had to build from scratch a monitoring system that ended up only meeting about 55% of their expectations. This left the bank exposed and its reputation at risk because by the time a customer complains, it meant that the service / system had been down for quite some time. In this talk, Systems and Software Engineer Fauzi Lutaaya will discuss how the team found a better solution by deploying Grafana to track different paradigms about service and system status. Thanks to Grafana, the bank now monitors its systems down to the most granular metrics, and service uptime has increased. The team is also learning from its data how to scale even further. With new, advanced service management capabilities, KCB has felt the positive impact of Grafana across various business units.
  • Fauzi Lutaaya
    Fauzi Lutaaya
    Systems and Software Engineer at KCB Bank