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UX best practices for a dashing dashboard

Do you create dashboards, alerts, visualizations… anything in Grafana that’s used by people other than yourself? Congratulations, you do UX! In this session, members of Grafana’s User Experience team will share tips on how to use a few key UX research and design activities that will help you make sure you’re meeting your users’ needs and providing them with useful, delightful experiences. Whether you’re strategizing on what you need to create, executing on an idea, or evaluating the success of something you’ve already created, there’s a UX method that can help. We’ll teach you how to use some of the same activities in your work that we use as we design and develop products at Grafana Labs!
  • Joseph Kim
    Joseph Kim
    Senior UX Researcher at Grafana Labs
  • Pauric O'Callaghan
    Pauric O'Callaghan
    Senior Product Designer at Grafana Labs
  • Leah Ujda
    Leah Ujda
    UX Manager in R&D at Grafana Labs