Using Grafana to visualize Continuous Delivery Indicators in the open source Jenkins X cloud native CI/CD project
Thursday, Jun 17, , UTC
The Jenkins X open source project provides cloud native CI/CD built on Kubernetes. In this session, project contributor Vincent Behar will explain why and how Jenkins X is using Grafana, Prometheus, and Loki for its platform observability. The demo will include how Grafana is set up in a Kubernetes cluster, and how the CD Indicators application is exposing its dashboards and data source for Grafana to consume. Grafana is now a central hub in the Kubernetes cluster, allowing people to write new dashboards mixing data from different data sources (in this case, Continuous Delivery Indicators) and Prometheus metrics or logs from the different components running in the cluster. With it, you can visualize how you develop, build, test, release, promote, deploy and run your applications, all in a single dashboard.