GrafanaCon 2020
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Week Three

Grafana plugins

Tuesday, May 26, 2020 12:30 ET / 16:30 UTC | 50 min


With Grafana 7.0 we are graduating our packages for Plugin Developers to a beta stage. These packages (@grafana/ui, @grafana/data, @grafana/runtime and last but not least @grafana/toolkit) are aimed to simplify the developer experience for those who wish to extend the Grafana platform. In this webinar I’ll present key ideas behind these packages and the way how you can use them to build for the Grafana Platform and create consistent experiences for the audience of your plugins.

Dominik Prokop

Dominik Prokop, Software Engineer, Grafana Labs

Dominik is a frontend software engineer working in the Frontend Platform Team at Grafana Labs. He is highly involved in the @grafana/* packages development.