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InfluxDays NYC 2018
Conference2.13.18 | New York, NY

InfluxDays NYC

Jacob Lisi - What Does Kubernetes Look Like?: Performance Monitoring & Visualization with Grafana Monitoring Kubernetes is vital to understanding the health and performance of a cluster, but which metrics are most important to add to your dashboards and alert on? Jacob will discuss how to most effectively monitor and visualize your Kubernetes cluster using the Grafana Kubernetes plugin and PromQL.

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NYC Metrics and Monitoring
Meetup2.22.18 | New York, NY

NYC Metrics and Monitoring

The Modern, Open Source Metrics Stack, told in 4 Acts The metrics landscape is constantly evolving. Teams are always evaluating new technologies, scaling established technologies, and finding the best ways for them to work together cohesively.

Our night will be 4 (maybe 5) lightning talks focusing on these challenges, what technologies they've used, are using, and are interested in. The talks will move quickly and leave plenty of time for discussion after.

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GrafanaCon is our conference focused on the open source project and the growing Grafana ecosystem. Last year's event was an order of magnitude larger in every way than our first in 2015, and we are only getting started.

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Past events.

Stockholm Metrics and Monitoring - Observability 3 Ways: Logging, Metrics and Distributed Tracing Stockholm, Sweden | 2.7.18Jfokus Stockholm, Sweden | 2.5.18-2.7.18FOSDEN Brussels, Belgium | 2.3.18-2.4.18KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Austin, TX | 12.6.17-12.8.17How to Use Open Source Projects for Performance Monitoring Webinar | 11.29.17Why observability Matters—Now and in the Future Webinar | 11.15.17InfluXDays San Francisco, CA | 11.14.17Øredev Malmö, Sweden | 11.7.17 - 11.10.17CNCF Meetup: Cloud Native in the Data Center: Why, How and Who New York, NY | 11.1.17Percona Live Europe 2017 Dublin, Ireland | 9.25.17 - 9.27.17PromCon 2017 Munich, Germany | 8.17.17 - 8.18.17NYC Metrics and Monitoring - TimescaleDB and Prometheus New York, NY | 7.19.17NYC Metrics and Monitoring - Ntop, a Web-based Network Traffic Monitoring Application New York, NY | 6.14.17Stockholm Metrics and Monitoring - Introducing the TICK Stack Stockholm, Seden | 6.1.17Monitorama Portland, OR | 5.22.17 - 5.24.17Stockholm Metrics and Monitoring - Prometheus and Friends Stockholm, Sweden | 5.15.17DevopsDays Stockholm 2017 Stockholm, Sweden | 5.8.17Zabbix Moscow Meeetup 2017 Moscow, Russia | 4.15.17NYC Metrics and Monitoring - Monitoring Services @ Squarespace New York, NY | 3.22.17Build powerful dashboards with Grafana & InfluxDB Webinar | 1.24.17NYC Metrics and Monitoring - Building a Snap Telemetry Plugin New York, NY | 1.23.17San Francisco Bay Area Metrics and Monitoring - Efficient Monitoring Using Grafana San Francisco, CA | 1.4.17Tectonic New York, NY | 12.12.16 - 12.13.16GrafanaCon 2016 New York, NY | 11.30.16 - 12.01.16Internet Architecture and Engineering - How to Scale Infrastructure when Expanding to Asia New York, NY | 10.24.16Stockholm Metrics and Monitoring - Monitoring DreamHack & Graphite + Icinga2 Stockholm, Sweden | 10.17.16NYC Metrics and Monitoring - Graphite for Power Users New York, NY | 9.15.16DevOps Perth - September Session Perth, Australia | 9.7.16PromCon 2016 Berlin, Germany | 8.25.16 - 8.26.16Intel Developer Forum 2016 San Francisco, CA | 8.16.16Intel Builders Summit San Francisco, CA | 8.15.16HostingCon New Orleans, LA | 7.24.16 - 7.27.16SRECON Dublin, Ireland | 7.11.16 - 7.13.16NYC Metrics and Monitoring Meetup New York, NY | 7.7.16Monitorama 2016 Portland, OR | 6.27.16 - 6.29.16Velocity: Santa Clara Santa Clara, CA | 6.20.16 - 6.23.16Stockholm Metrics and Monitoring Meetup Stockholm, Sweden | 6.7.16Agila Sweden Stockholm, Sweden | 6.1.16 - 6.2.16Multi-Cloud Engineering Meetup Tel Aviv, Israel | 5.29.16Stockholm Google Developer Group Meetup Stockholm, Sweden | 5.26.16What's New in Grafana 3.0 Webinar | 5.26.16Deconstructing the New Plugin Architecture in Grafana Webinar | 5.25.16Deconstructing the New Plugin Architecture in Grafana Webinar | 5.18.16Percona Live Santa Clara Santa Clara, CA | 4.19.16 - 4.21.16Using Grafana for MySQL Monitoring Webinar | 2.24.16Getting Up and Running with Prometheus and Grafana Webinar | 2.17.16All Things Open Raleigh, NC | 10.26.15 - 10.27.15GrafanaCon NYC New York, NY | 10.15.15Velocity NYC New York, NY | 10.12.15 - 10.14.15Monitorama 2015 Portland, OR | 6.15.15 - 6.17.15