Docker and system monitoring


A simple overview of the most important Docker host and container metrics. (cAdvisor/Prometheus)
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Docker + System dashboard

Dashboard compatible with Grafana 4

System metric

This dashboard display Docker and system metric, the aim it's to have all the metric on one dashboard. The first lines represents the system metric with gauge and text/graph (easy to visualize and minimalist).

  • Time up
  • Memory usage/swap
  • Disk usage
  • Load
  • Network
  • CPU usage
  • Disk I/O

Alerts are set on disk usage, memory usage and load usage to warn when the metric are critics.

Docker metric

The second parts of the dashboard is Docker metric, more detailed using mostly graph.

  • CPU usage per container
  • Sent network per container
  • Received network per container
  • Memory usage/swap per container
  • Remaining memory for each container (if men_limit defined in docker-compose.yml)

Server configuration

I use the docker-compose to set my monitoring: My dashboard work with this configuration. Service running:

  • docker
  • prometheus
  • node-exporter
  • alertmanager
  • cadvisor
  • grafana v4