Proxmox - top 10 hogs


This is dashboard for finding which VM in your proxmox cluster eats most IOPS/Data/Network.
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If you already have proxmox metric collection enabled, just import dashboard.


Requires Proxmox VE >= 4.0!

Install graphite (i use go-carbon with carbonapi).
Carbon should listen on UDP port, 2003 by default.

For schema file, use something like

pattern = ^carbon\.
retentions = 60:90d

pattern = ^proxmox\.
retentions = 60:30d

pattern = .*
retentions = 60s:1d

Next, go to /etc/pve/status.cfg on your proxmox cluster machine (create this file if it doesn't exist) with contents:

   server your_carbon_server
   port 2003
   path proxmox

Restart pvestatd (might not be needed). Metrics should start arriving to carbon.

Import dashboard and you're ready to go.