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Conference SponsorSanta Clara, CA | 4.24.17 - 4.27.17

Percona Live 2017

The Premier Open Source Database Conference

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Features of Grafana 4 Webinar
Webinar4.26.17 | 11am EDT

Grafana and the New Features of Grafana 4

Learn about the history of Grafana, how it works and some of the new functionality that has transformed Grafana from a visualization tool into a truly mission critical monitoring tool.

Some of the topics we'll cover:

  • Alerting in Grafana
  • Ad-hoc filters
  • UI and UX improvements
  • Plugins and Dashboards
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Stockholm Metrics and Monitoring
MeetupStockholm, Sweden | 5.8.17 | 7pm CEST

DevopsDays Stockholm 2017

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored event, Stockholm metrics & monitoring members get a 20% discount.
DevOpsdays is coming to Stockholm and as a member of Stockholm metrics & monitoring you get a 20% discount on any ticket, if you register before the 26th of April 21:00. Please make sure to attend conferences like this if you have the chance. This is a community conf and its important for Stockholm devops scene to get a regular devops conf.

Stockholm Metrics and Monitoring
MeetupStockholm, Sweden | 5.15.17 | 6pm CEST

Prometheus and Friends

Christian Svensson is a former Google SRE now working at Tink and part of Dreamhack's network team. This talk will dive into the Prometheus eco-system and look at why Christian believes it's the best monitoring system out there right now. Strap in and prepare to compare ways to do highly-available monitoring, the "push/pull" debate, robust alerting, and of course pretty graphs.

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Conference SponsorPortland, OR | 5.22.17 - 5.24.17

Monitorama 2017

An open source monitoring conference and hackathon

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GrafanaCon is our annual conference focused on the open source project and the growing Grafana ecosystem. Last year's event was an order of magnitude larger in every way than our first in 2015, and we are only getting started.

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Check out our GrafanaCon page to watch all of the talks from past conferences and be the first to know when we announce GrafanaCon 2017.

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Past events.

Zabbix Moscow Meeetup 2017 Moscow, Russia | 4.15.17NYC Metrics and Monitoring - Monitoring Services @ Squarespace New York, NY | 3.22.17Build powerful dashboards with Grafana & InfluxDB Webinar | 1.24.17NYC Metrics and Monitoring - Building a Snap Telemetry Plugin New York, NY | 1.23.17San Francisco Bay Area Metrics and Monitoring - Efficient Monitoring Using Grafana San Francisco, CA | 1.4.17Tectonic New York, NY | 12.12.16 - 12.13.16GrafanaCon 2016 New York, NY | 11.30.16 - 12.01.16Internet Architecture and Engineering - How to Scale Infrastructure when Expanding to Asia New York, NY | 10.24.16Stockholm Metrics and Monitoring - Monitoring DreamHack & Graphite + Icinga2 Stockholm, Sweden | 10.17.16NYC Metrics and Monitoring - Graphite for Power Users New York, NY | 9.15.16DevOps Perth - September Session Perth, Australia | 9.7.16PromCon 2016 Berlin, Germany | 8.25.16 - 8.26.16Intel Developer Forum 2016 San Francisco, CA | 8.16.16Intel Builders Summit San Francisco, CA | 8.15.16HostingCon New Orleans, LA | 7.24.16 - 7.27.16SRECON Dublin, Ireland | 7.11.16 - 7.13.16NYC Metrics and Monitoring Meetup New York, NY | 7.7.16Monitorama 2016 Portland, OR | 6.27.16 - 6.29.16Velocity: Santa Clara Santa Clara, CA | 6.20.16 - 6.23.16Stockholm Metrics and Monitoring Meetup Stockholm, Sweden | 6.7.16Agila Sweden Stockholm, Sweden | 6.1.16 - 6.2.16Multi-Cloud Engineering Meetup Tel Aviv, Israel | 5.29.16Stockholm Google Developer Group Meetup Stockholm, Sweden | 5.26.16What's New in Grafana 3.0 Webinar | 5.26.16Deconstructing the New Plugin Architecture in Grafana Webinar | 5.25.16Deconstructing the New Plugin Architecture in Grafana Webinar | 5.18.16Percona Live Santa Clara Santa Clara, CA | 4.19.16 - 4.21.16Using Grafana for MySQL Monitoring Webinar | 2.24.16Getting Up and Running with Prometheus and Grafana Webinar | 2.17.16All Things Open Raleigh, NC | 10.26.15 - 10.27.15GrafanaCon NYC New York, NY | 10.15.15Velocity NYC New York, NY | 10.12.15 - 10.14.15Monitorama 2015 Portland, OR | 6.15.15 - 6.17.15