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GrafanaCONline 2022: First look at this year's lineup

20 Apr 2022 5 min read

Houston, we have an agenda! 

The GrafanaCONline 2022 lineup has landed with more than 30 exciting sessions planned for our biggest Grafana community event of the year. Along with launching Grafana 9.0, GrafanaCONline 2022 will feature some incredible projects from our global community — ranging from Grafana and Grafana Loki in space, to Grafana Cloud for analyzing telemetry for an F1 race car, to Grafana’s unified alerting deployed across many point-of-sales systems throughout the U.S.

GrafanaCONline 2022 blasts off on June 13 and goes until June 17, but here’s a preview of what we’ll be exploring in the Grafana-verse. 

From the Grafana Labs team

Deep dive into Grafana 9

Be among the first to see what’s new in the latest major release of Grafana. Project maintainers will demo the new features, functionality, and improvements to your favorite visualization and dashboarding tool. 

UX best practices for a dashing dashboard

Do you create dashboards, alerts, visualizations … anything in Grafana that’s used by people other than yourself? Congratulations, you do UX! In this session, members of Grafana’s User Experience team will share tips on how to use a few key UX research and design activities that will help you make sure you’re meeting your users' needs and providing them with useful, delightful experiences. Whether you’re strategizing on what you need to create, executing on an idea, or evaluating the success of something you’ve already created, there’s a UX method that can help. We’ll teach you how to use some of the same activities in your work that we use as we design and develop products at Grafana Labs!

Grafana Labs hackathon showcase

Over the past year, Grafana Labs has held regular company-wide hackathons: a week for Grafanistas to unlock their creativity and think outside the box (but often within a panel). During the hackathons, Grafanistas from all over the org joined forces to invent, build, and solve challenging technical problems related to our products, community, and business. In this session, three teams will share demos of their fantastic hackathon projects:

From the Grafana community 

Grafana and Grafana Loki in space: Monitoring Earth Station Operations for Dish Network

At Dish Network’s Earth Station Operations, the team is using Grafana and Grafana Loki to monitor physical components — antenna motion, radio frequency signal levels, the frequencies being used, output power of transmitters — at all of Dish Network’s uplink facilities. On top of that, they’re also monitoring all of Dish Network’s content that customers view every day. In this session, you’ll see how Grafana has helped the Earth Station teams improve an already outstanding uptime and how its ease of use can assist the business in day-to-day activities.

How Apeel Sciences uses Grafana to optimize its treatment processes and reduce food waste

Apeel Sciences is a Santa Barbara-based ag-tech company whose mission is to work with nature to reduce food waste and create abundance for all. Apeel is a family of plant-derived coatings for fresh fruits and vegetables. Made from materials found in every bite of fruit and vegetables you eat every day, Apeel creates an edible “peel” on the outside surface of fresh produce that helps to reinforce the peel and slow down spoilage. You’ll get a look behind the scenes to see how the Apeel Sciences team uses Grafana to monitor and optimize the coating processes at packinghouses around the world.

Formula 1 telemetry analysis with Microsoft Azure Data Explorer (ADX) and Grafana Cloud

Azure Data Explorer (ADX) is a time series, interactive analytics platform supporting near-real-time streaming. Grafana’s advanced observational dashboard capabilities, combined with ADX’s powerful analytics engine, makes it easier to make sense of the telemetry data. Every F1 car contains 300 sensors that generate 1.1 million telemetry data points per second and transmit them from the cars to the pits – and there are 20 cars running on a circuit at any given point. During every race weekend, 160 terabytes of data are generated. This talk will discuss how to build a F1 telemetry analysis solution with ADX and Grafana Cloud.

Monitoring battery-operated NB-IoT sensors with Grafana and Grafana Loki

IoT is one of the key enablers for transforming organizations and society. IoT applications range from the digitization of traditional industries to the sensing layer of smart cities. Fuelics designs, manufactures, deploys, and operates installations of battery-operated, narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) sensors at metropolitan scale. Grafana and Grafana Loki help them gain insights in their sensor networks, providing information about the performance measurements as well as their health and network status. In this presentation, you’ll see how Fuelics uses Loki-powered Grafana dashboards to monitor ultrasound level sensors used for diesel tank monitoring. 

How Grafana unified alerting powers Torqata’s data health scorecard system 

A software company serving the tire and automotive industries, Torqata ingests, processes, and evaluates data from a large number of point-of-sale systems in order to provide SaaS solutions and analytics back to customers. Data is messy and complex, especially when managing feeds from several independent sources. They had a major need for real-time scorecarding across multiple data attributes received from these various locations, in order to dynamically create and track the health of new and existing data feeds. To meet these needs, the Torqata team experimented with and successfully implemented a live customer data scorecarding system with the unified alerting introduced in Grafana 8 last year. Through the constantly monitored nature of using Grafana, their team has now created an effective, dynamic solution to managing data health that is also interesting as a non-standard application of “typical” alerting.

See you at GrafanaCONline 2022!

The countdown has begun to GrafanaCONline 2022! Check out the full GrafanaCONline 2022 schedule! And if you haven’t already, register now for free.