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OpenNMS Helm

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This plugin is superseded by the OpenNMS Plugin for Grafana.

Please use the OpenNMS Plugin for Grafana instead. The OpenNMS Plugin for Grafana is compatible with current Grafana releases, and does not have a naming conflict with the package manager for Kubernetes. To migrate, please follow our upgrade documentation.

OpenNMS Helm - PM/FM Console for Grafana CircleCI

Helm is a Grafana application that allows users to create flexible dashboards using both fault management (FM) and performance management (PM) data from OpenNMS® Horizon™ and/or OpenNMS® Meridian™.

Consult the Helm Documentation for help on installing, configuring and using the application.


Fault Management (FM)

Flexible alarm filtering

Isolate the alarms you want displayed using custom filters and conditions that can match against over 150 different fields.

Configurable displays

Present the fields that are most relevant to you and your teams for improved tracking and triage.

Alarm interactions

Acknowledge, escalate and create tickets for alarms directly from the dashboard.

Performance Management (PM)

Storage engine agnostic

Retrieve metrics stored in any of the available persistence engines i.e. rrdtool, JRobin and Newts.

Template support

Populate template variables with all of the nodes belonging to a set of categories, or leverage the complete filter grammar.

Trending and Forecasting

Remove outliers and perform trending or forecasting using the built-in series filters. Develop your own filters using Java or R.

Derive new series using JEXL expressions.

Support Matrix

  • Performance Management Data Source
    • OpenNMS Horizon v16.x or greater
    • OpenNMS Meridian v2016.1.0 or greater
  • Fault Management Data Source
    • OpenNMS Horizon v20.1.x or greater
    • OpenNMS Meridian v2017.1.0 or greater

Issue Tracking

We use the Helm project in our JIRA instance to track bugs and enhancements related this to project.


The changelog has moved to

Installing OpenNMS Helm on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.


Helm 8.0.5 contains no feature updates, just dependency and security fixes.

This is the last release of Helm 8.x, in favor of the OpenNMS Plugin for Grafana.


Helm 8.0.4 is a re-release of 8.0.3, with a minor test-suite fix.


Helm 8.0.3 is a minor release with focus on improving documentations.

  • Create documentation for each of the panels provided by Helm (Issue HELM-348)
  • Cleanup Helm Documentation formatting (Issue HELM-341)


Helm 8.0.2 is primarily a bugfix release.

  • Possible fix when passing snmp interfaces from Perf DS to Flow filters (#543) (Issue HELM-333)
  • nodeResources doc update (Issue HELM-351)
  • Fix Helm Flow Histogram Panel (#552) (Issue HELM-353)


Helm 8.0.1 is primarily a bugfix release.

It contains a number of small fixes and enhancements to improve querying of nodes and interfaces.

It also contains a large number of node dependency updates.

  • HELM: Regex for Grafana Template Variable does not work on labels [Performance Datasource] (Issue HELM-332)
  • Entity Datasource does not provide node information (Issue HELM-334)
  • Flow DS query interfacesOnExporterWithFlows() does not accept FS:FID as argument (Issue HELM-336)
  • exporterNodesWithFlows() query handles criteria differently than other queries (Issue HELM-337)
  • Entity nodeFilter is not working (Issue HELM-338)
  • Cleanup Helm Documentation formatting (Issue HELM-341)
  • Alarm Details missing TroubleTicketState if state is 0 (Issue HELM-345)


Helm 8 contains updates to the core to use Grafana 8, the start of a move to TypeScript, many optimizations, and a number of new features.

  • use an optimized bulk query when fetching string properties from OpenNMS versions that support it
  • convert much of the codebase to use native promises rather than angularJS wrappers
  • support converting NaN values to 0 when querying flow data
  • support swapping ingress and egress on flow data at query time
  • support for new filters for node, location, applications, hosts, and conversations
  • fixed an issue with missing flow data when ingress and egress are inconsistently available
  • many documentation improvements and additions


This release adds a new feature to allow querying string properties in the perf datasource.

  • support string properties in performance datasource (Issue HELM-293)


This release bumps a bunch of dependencies, improves documentation, tweaks plugin signing, and adds a number of new features, including:

  • More Helm flow dashboard updates (Issue HELM-277)
  • A new "About Helm" dashboard (Issue HELM-281)
  • Support for returning node primary ifIndex and IP address in the entity datasource (Issue HELM-188)
  • New entities in the entity datasource: IP interface, SNMP interface, ifService, outagers (Issue HELM-228)
  • Support for prefixing/suffixing label names of flow series and summaries (Issue HELM-298)
  • Support multiple flow queries per panel (Issue HELM-299)
  • A new dashboard for flow aggregations using data from Cortex/Prometheus (Issue NMS-13374)
  • Fixes for host traffic aggregations from Nephron (Issue NMS-13534)


Re-pack with fixes for a plugin signature issue.


This release adds support for handling aggregate flow DSCP ToS/QoS values, coming soon in Helm 28. It also bumps some dependencies, and fixes a bug in the filter panel where not all values would be shown in select boxes.


This release contains a rework of our code to use TypeScript, and a conversion to Grafana's build toolkit for releasing. This should fix a number of transient issues we've seen in startup of the Helm plugin and increase overall stability.

BREAKING: OpenNMS Helm now requires Grafana 7.5 or greater.


This release contains a few dependency updates, an internal change to support TypeScript, and one small change to fix loading the flow datasource.


OpenNMS Helm now supports Grafana 7, and has dropped support for versions older than 7.

  • the nodeResources() function has been enhanced to support displaying the resource label (Issue HELM-95)
  • the Filter and Alarm Table panels have been updated to work with Grafana 7 (Issue HELM-247)


This release does not yet fix Grafana 7 support (it's complicated...) but it fixes a few more bugs while we work on Grafana 7 support.

Also note, the docs that used to be included in the archive are now published at -- our future home for all OpenNMS documentation.

  • Make Helm docs publicly available (Issue HELM-221)
  • "How to configure the data sources in Grafana" docs are missing (Issue HELM-231)
  • Enhance HELM documentation (Issue HELM-240)
  • Add expression examples (Issue HELM-241)
  • JEXL expressions (Issue HELM-242)
  • Cannot see list of nodes and resources when editing a panel. (Issue HELM-243)
  • update requirements (Issue HELM-251)


This release contains significant documentation updates, as well as a few bug fixes including Grafana 6.7 support. It also bumps the Grafana provided by our Docker images to 6.7.2.

  • Document how to use the filter panel (Issue HELM-206)
  • Document how to use the entity data-source (Issue HELM-207)
  • Publish build artifacts with CircleCI to Cloudsmith (Issue HELM-214)
  • Convert docs from Asciibinder to Antora (Issue HELM-217)
  • Integrate Antora documentation into CircleCI (Issue HELM-218)
  • Sign RPM and DEB packages with GPG key (Issue HELM-222)
  • Some filter could be documented (Issue HELM-227)
  • Cannot add an Alarm Table widget when using Grafana 6.6.x (Issue HELM-229)
  • Support Grafana 6.7.x for our Helm plugin (Issue HELM-232)


This small release works around a module-loading bug in some Grafana versions. It also bumps the Grafana provided by our Docker images to 6.6.1.


This release fixes a number of issues, most notably compatibility with newer Grafana releases. These fixes necessitated dropping compatibility with Grafana versions older than 6.3, so we have bumped the major version of Helm to 5.

Additionally, documentation has been improved and a number of behind-the-scenes changes have been made related to continuous integration and build system.


This release fixes a bug with the Flow datasource and Grafana 6.4, as well as some other cosmetic changes to the Flow query interface.


This is a small revision to 4.0.0 which contains dependency updates and a fix for running under Grafana 6.4.



Helm 4 now requires Grafana 6.0 or higher.

Entities Data Source

The Fault Management Data Source is now the Entities Data Source.

In addition to querying alarms, it can now query nodes as well. This is useful for filtering in variables, or can be used for just viewing and filtering nodes from within Grafana.

This is a breaking change that will require you to convert existing dashboards to use the new plugin. For details on upgrading, see the Helm documentation.

Flow Data Source

  • Enhancements have been made to support Horizon 25's addition of "top N" queries for conversations, hosts, and applicattions.

Filter Panel

A new panel has been added that allows you to configure a series of variables to put in a dashboard. This panel coordinates with any panels in the dashboard using the Entities Data Source to automatically apply filters matching those variables.

In the future this will be enhanced to do more complicated set operations than are possible using the built-in datasource variables.

Alarm Table

  • Alarm table code has been sync'd with enhancements from the upstream Grafana table panel.
  • The new default columns and formatting for the alarm table have been updated to be more useful.
  • It is now possible to configure the alarm table to not automatically refresh when new data is updated if you have navigated away from the first page of the list. When new data arrives in the background, a refresh icon will appear in the page bar.
  • String-based columns (like log message) now get a mouseover with the full text of the column.
  • Severity columns have been enhanced, including basic support for themes.
  • A new column type (checkbox) has been added that will render a boolean value as either a checkmark or empty string.
  • Support has been added to tag a specific alarm as the "root cause" in a situation when providing feedback in the Alarm Details screen.
  • A number of UI cleanups have been made to the Alarm Details screen, fixing word wrapping, resizing when the browser is resized, and more.
  • The alarm table can now export CSV and Excel files. Go to <panel title> -> More... -> Export CSV or Export Excel.


  • Updated a ton of dependencies, there are now 0 warnings from yarn audit (HELM-138)
  • Fixes for running under Grafana 6 (HELM-132)
  • A fix for parsing nested parentheses when using label formatters (HELM-131)
  • Fixed relative date formatter initialization (HELM-134) (Thanks, Brynjar!)
  • Includes bug fixes from OpenNMS.js v1.3.1



  • Improved error messages for incomplete or invalid queries

Performance Data Source

  • Added support for overriding time intervals and max datapoints
  • Labels are now shown in the order they were queried
  • Labels can now be formatted using transformation functions like nodeToLabel(<foreignSource:foreignId>) and resourceToName(<resourceId>) (Horizon 24 or greater)
  • Measurements API requests are now made in relaxed mode (if the server is missing a particular requested attribute, all others are still returned)

Flow Data Source

  • Added additional transforms for flow data (toBits, onlyIngress, onlyEgress)
  • The Flow Deep Dive dashboard axis labels have been updated to be more intuitive

Fault Management Data Source

  • Sorting by numeric columns now works as expected
  • HTML alarm (event) log messages are now rendered properly
  • Alarm multi-select and deselect now works as expected
  • "Severity" in the Alarm Table panel is now a normal column, rather than a "Severity icons" check box in the config options -- existing configs should be automatically upgraded
  • Added support for reordering columns in the Alarm Table panel
  • Added support for Situations (correlated alarms), including sending feedback on alarm correlations (Horizon 23 or greater)
  • Added limited support for multi-select dashboard variables in the Alarm Table panel
  • Added a custom node attribute in the Alarm Table panel that supports node criteria (either passing a nodeId or foreignSource:foreignId tuple)
  • Many enhancements were made to the Alarm Detail view (full raw response viewing, related alarms, etc.)
  • It is now possible to display dates as a relative time in the Alarm Table panel


  • Added a new datasource for querying flow data from OpenNMS
  • Added support for "fallback" attributes to the performance datasource
  • Added the ability to configure query timeouts for all of the datasources
  • Require Grafana 5.x or greater


  • Added support for custom actions in the Alarm Table panel
  • Added the operator instructions field to the alarm details modal
  • Updated the package dependencies to support Grafana 5.x
  • Fixed a bug where long alarm descriptions and log messages would fill the alarm details modal
  • Use consistent colors in both the Alarm Table and Alarm Histogram panels


  • Initial release