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Mitsuhiro Tanda


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Heatmap (Epoch) Panel Plugin for Grafana

Caution: This plugin is NOT stable yet, if you find some bugs, please report me :-)

This plugin show the Heatmap of time series data.

How this plugin works

This plugin receives raw time series data, and convert the data to heatmap data in plugin side, and then show it by Epoch.

To make heatmap data, make histogram data in fixed short time range. The aggregation time range is calculated from Epoch window size options, please calibrate the option to fit your needs.

Supported Datasources

I confirmed this plugin work with following datasource.

  • Prometheus

But, this plugin can handle time series data (defined by Grafana plugin interface).

Should work with Graphite / InfluxDB / OpenTSDB.


Support some of Epoch options.

  • Window Size
  • Buckets
  • BucketLower and BuckerUpper (correspond to bucketRange)

Please read official document, to get to know actual meaning of these options.

Known Issues

  • This plugin doesn't support Elasticsearch aggregation.

    • As noted above, this plugin aggregate the time series data by plugin itself.
    • Can't handle the Elasticsearch aggregation result yet.
  • This plugin doesn't support some of Graph panel feature.

    • Because Epoch library doesn't support some of Flot library feature (Graph panel use Flot)
    • Doesn't support Time range selection by clicking panel, Tooltip, Annotation, Draw threshold lines, etc...


  • Increase the supported number of time series
  • Add auto bucket range mode
  • Fixed user preference timezone handling
  • Fixed sparse data handling
  • Fixed heatmap color, follow Grafana standard color
  • Fixed legend drawing
  • Added support legend
  • Added support theme
  • Fixed axis character colors
  • Fixed time axis, make it more intuitive
  • Fixed container resize handling, redraw graph to fit container size
  • Fixed ticks, show ticks like graph panel

Installing HeatmapEpoch on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.