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AWS IoT TwinMaker App

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AWS IoT TwinMaker Application Plugin for Grafana



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Create end-user 3D digital twin applications to monitor industrial operations with AWS IoT TwinMaker. AWS IoT TwinMaker is a service that makes it faster and easier for developers to create digital replicas of real-world systems, helping more customers realize the potential of digital twins to optimize operations.

The AWS IoT TwinMaker Application Grafana plugin provides custom panels, dashboard templates, and a datasource to connect to your digital twin data.

Custom Panels

  • Scene Viewer
  • Video Player

Dashboard Templates

  • Alarm Dashboard

Import a dashboard from the TwinMaker datasource configuration page. See the “Dashboard” tab.



  • Grafana 8.2.0+

Getting Started

Quick Start

Interact with a demo TwinMaker dashboard in Grafana Play. This dashboard monitors a cookie factory by visualizing a 3D factory, listing alarms, graphing temperature sensor history, and playing a video camera stream.


Local Installation

Use the grafana-cli tool to install from the command line:

grafana-cli plugins install grafana-iot-twinmaker-app

Local Docker Setup

  1. Install the AWS CLI
  2. Run aws configure and enter your IAM user credentials
  3. Run the following docker command:
docker run -d -p 3000:3000 --name=grafana -v ~/.aws:/usr/share/grafana/.aws -e "GF_INSTALL_PLUGINS=grafana-iot-twinmaker-app" grafana/grafana

a. -v ~/.aws:/usr/share/grafana/.aws will mount a volume with the credentials you configured on your machine so you can use the “AWS SDK Default” authentication provider for the TwinMaker datasource

  1. Access from http://localhost:3000 on your browser. First time login will be username:admin password:admin.

Enable the Application plugin

Navigate to Grafana in your browser and log in. Go to the plugin list and search for AWS IoT TwinMaker Application and enable the plugin.


Configure your TwinMaker datasources.

Import a dashboard and start using the Scene Viewer and Video Player panels.


You can find documentation on:


If you are interested in developing and contributing to this project, find instructions on the git repo here.


  • Apache License Version 2.0, see LICENSE.

Installing AWS IoT TwinMaker App on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.



  • Fix bug in GetPropertyValue query to display multiple LIST property types
  • Assume Role ARN is required to configure an IoT TwinMaker datasource
  • Optimize alarm lookup


  • Upgrade Go AWS SDK.
  • Update aws-iot-twinmaker-grafana-utils package.
  • Fix minor bugs with the datasource configuration page.


  • Update aws-iot-twinmaker-grafana-utils package.
  • Fix broken link on datasource configuration page.


  • Initial release.