Pydio Cells Monitoring


Dashboard for monitoring Cells metrics exposed via Prometheus.
Last updated: 3 months ago

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This is a dashboard for Pydio Cells metrics. It exposes useful information about the processes' status: memory, go-routines, average response times for REST and GRPC calls, etc.

Prerequisites to collect the metrics are the following:

  • Enable the metrics endpoints on Cells by exporting the environment variable CELLS_ENABLE_METRICS=true or by adding the flag --enable_metrics to cells' start command.
  • Prometheus

and for the prometheus.yml configuration append this instruction.

- job_name: "cells"
      - files:
          - ${CELLS_WORKING_DIR}/services/pydio.gateway.metrics/prom_clients.json

Make sure to replace $CELLS_WORKING_DIR by your actual working directory.