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Libvirt Dashboard


A simple dashboard that can monitor libvirt KVM
Last updated: 6 months ago

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  • Screenshot 2022-02-07 121821.png
    Screenshot 2022-02-07 121821.png

To use this dashboard, please use the following exporter prometheus-libvirt-exporter to monitor your libvirt KVM

This dashboard includes panels for the following metrics:

  • Number of Total, Running, Shut Off, No State, Suspended, Crashed & VM state
  • vCPU Total & Used
  • Memory Total, Available & Used
  • R/W IOPS & R/W Bytes Throughput
  • RX/TX Throughput
  • Data Exporter to CSV

Note: This dashboard will not be compatible with OpenStack, so just pure libvirt KVM dashboard

You may need to change the job name on prometheus.yml to libvirt_exporter so you don't have to adjust it on the dashboard

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