Telegraf: system dashboard


Prometheus/victoriametrics dashboards for telegraf metrics
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Converted from dashboard #928 from influxdb for victoriametrics.

Templated dashboard for telegraf + victoriametrics.

  • CPUs (defaults to all)
  • Disks (per-disk IOPS)
  • Network interfaces (packets, bandwidth, errors/drops)
  • Mountpoints (space / inodes)


  • Detailed network stack info, nstat plugin allows us to grab raw snmp data, ie:
    • TCP handshakes data
    • TCP aborts data
    • ICMP errors, ICMP data
    • SYN data
    • TCP errors (retransmissions/etc)
    • IPv4 errors
    • IPv6 errors
  • Conntrack data
  • File descriptors
  • UDP data *...And basically everything "generic" you can extract from ordinary linux system

By default all variables points to "all", so dashboard can be huge if you have large amounts of disks/network interfaces. So far i tested it on machine with 46 disks, 8 interfaces and it loaded correctly (but pretty slow, poor browser barely handled all that data)