Hands-on Loki Workshop + “Ask Me Anything” with Our Maintainers (Wait list only!)

Date: Thursday, October 29

Time: 3:00pm-5:30pm UTC

* Description

We get a lot of requests for workshops, and over the past year and a half, Loki has skyrocketed in popularity, hitting over10k stars on GitHub. We are excited to add a Loki Workshop to our main agenda for the first time ever. This event will be hosted by our Solutions Engineering team. This will be a guided, hands-on, interactive session, where all attendees will build their very own dashboards. Instructor attendee ratio is 10:1. Event Focus: The goal of your Loki Workshop should be to create awareness and drive demand of Hosted Logs at your customer. This event is an enablement session that will provide an hands-on experience with Hosted Logs.

This workshop is 2.5 hours which includes a 30 minute AMA session with Grafana’s Loki maintainer Ed Welch.

There are only 40 seats available, so please register soon. This is a free workshop that takes you step-by-step through the dashboard creation process. During this interactive session you will:

  • Learn how using the logs, metrics, and traces correlation of Grafana 7.0 reduces MTTR
  • Experience the ease of use of Grafana Cloud
  • Understand Loki’s powerful query capabilities
  • And see other key features…

Attendee prerequisite: Ability to use Cloud. Experience with Prometheus and Kubernetes is a must! Post-event survey is required for all attendees.

* The workshops are not recorded for on-demand post-event.

Ward Bekker

Ward’s goal is to be the trusted technical advisor for our prospects and customers, so they can get the most value out of our products. That means helping out prospects with any technical question during their pilot of our products, and making sure their pilot is a great success. I can’t do this alone, as one cannot be an expert on everything (although I keep trying). So if a prospect has a hard question, I’ll work closely with the other solutions engineers and the engineering teams to make sure the hard questions also get answered.

GitHub: wardbekker, and Twitter: @wardbekker. Also check out my YouTube channel for Grafana and Loki videos. (I also blogged about it.)

Owen Diehl

Owen works on the Cortex and Loki team at Grafana. For those unaware, these are open source projects created to help monitor applications via metrics and logs. In particular, Owen has worked on finding ways to query large datasets. This includes the usual suspects like caching as well as more exotic methods like rewriting queries to be more parallelizable (i.e. average can be expressed as sum/count).

owen-d on GitHub and castle_vanity on Twitter.

Ed Welch
Ed is one of Grafana’s Loki Maintainers who will be hosting this session’s AMA. Loki consumes most of Ed’s time these days, but when he has the chance he continues to expand his home weather station for which the code can be found on GitLab. He can be found on both GitHub and GitLab with user slim-bean, a nickname his grandfather gave him many years ago. Ed generally avoids social media, but it looks like he made a twitter account about 9 years ago!

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