Hands-on Prometheus Workshop + “Ask Me Anything” with Our Maintainers (Waitlist Only!)

Date: Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Time: 6:00pm- 8:30pm UTC

* Description

We are inviting you to an extremely limited-capacity, hands-on workshop on Prometheus, during which technical experts from Grafana Labs will walk you through building your very own dashboard. There will also be an AMA with one of our Prometheus maintainers. In this workshop, you will gain a working knowledge of deploying Prometheus in your environments. Some areas of focus:

  • Starting a Prometheus server and adding targets to monitor
  • Writing queries in PromQL, Prometheus’s native querying language
  • Prometheus-specific features such as pull versus push model and service discovery
  • Understanding Prometheus metrics and its data model
  • Creating alerts with Prometheus
  • Alertmanager and implementing alerting best practices

Attendee Prerequisite(s): Currently using Grafana but somewhat new to the Prometheus journey. Must have familiarity with the concept or have dabbled with Prometheus. This is a mix of easy deployment and PromQL.

This workshop is 2.5 hours and access to Cloud is a must and a post-event survey is required for all attendees.

* The workshops are not recorded for on-demand post-event.

Dave Frankel

Dave, Senior Solutions Engineer at Grafana will be your workshop host. He has extensive experience working across various functions, including sales engineering, cloud solutions delivery, and IT operations.

Check out Dave’s blog page and you can also check him out on Github.

Richard "RichiH" Hartmann

Richard “RichiH” Hartmann is Director of Community at Grafana Labs, Prometheus team member, OpenMetrics founder, CNCF SIG Observability chair, and other things. He also organizes various conferences, including FOSDEM, DENOG, DebConf, and Chaos Communication Congress. In the past, he made mainframe databases work and ISP backbones run, and built a datacenter from scratch.

Check out his Github, Grafana bio page, and Twitter.

Waitlist only, registration is required.