Release notesRelease notes for Grafana 8.0.4

Release notes for Grafana 8.0.4

Features and enhancements

  • Live: Rely on app url for origin check. #35983, @FZambia
  • PieChart: Sort legend descending, update placeholder to show default …. #36062, @ashharrison90
  • TimeSeries panel: Do not reinitialize plot when thresholds mode change. #35952, @dprokop

Bug fixes

  • Elasticsearch: Allow case sensitive custom options in date_histogram interval. #36168, @Elfo404
  • Elasticsearch: Restore previous field naming strategy when using variables. #35624, @Elfo404
  • Explore: Fix import of queries between SQL data sources. #36210, @ivanahuckova
  • InfluxDB: InfluxQL query editor: fix retention policy handling. #36022, @gabor
  • Loki: Send correct time range in template variable queries. #36268, @ivanahuckova
  • TimeSeries: Preserve RegExp series overrides when migrating from old graph panel. #36134, @ashharrison90