Grafana documentation Release notes Release notes for Grafana 7.5.4
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Release notes for Grafana 7.5.4

Features and enhancements

  • Auditing: Use nanosecond resolution for audit log timestamps. (Enterprise)
  • AzureMonitor: Add support for Microsoft.AppConfiguration/configurationStores namespace. #32123, @deesejohn
  • TablePanel: Make sorting case-insensitive. #32435, @kaydelaney

Bug fixes

  • AzureMonitor: Add support for Virtual WAN namespaces. #32935, @joshhunt
  • Bugfix: Add proper padding when scrolling is added to bar gauge. #32411, @mckn
  • Datasource: Prevent default data source named “default” from causing infinite loop. #32949, @jackw
  • Prometheus: Allow exemplars endpoint in data source proxy. #32802, @zoltanbedi
  • Table: Fix table data links so they refer to correct row after sorting. #32571, @torkelo