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Run cloud tests from the CLI

While the Test Builder is a nice way to learn the API and prototype tests, testers usually prefer to write scripts in their local code editor. k6 is also a command-line tool, and you can use it to write test files on your machine and execute them on Cloud servers.

In this topic, learn how to use the CLI to:

  • Run a test on your local machine
  • Run that same test on cloud servers
  • Run the test locally and stream it to the cloud

Before you start

To use the CLI test, you need the following:

For your test file, you can copy the script prototyped in Build your first test. In the directory where you want to run your test, save this as cloud_demo.js.

To keep demo run times short, the total test duration has been modified to be only 45 seconds.

import { sleep } from "k6";
import http from "k6/http";

export const options = {
  ext: {
    loadimpact: {
      distribution: {
        "amazon:us:ashburn": { loadZone: "amazon:us:ashburn", percent: 34 },
        "amazon:gb:london": { loadZone: "amazon:gb:london", percent: 33 },
        "amazon:au:sydney": { loadZone: "amazon:au:sydney", percent: 33 },
  thresholds: {},
  scenarios: {
    Scenario_1: {
      executor: "ramping-vus",
      gracefulStop: "30s",
      stages: [
        { target: 20, duration: "15s" },
        { target: 20, duration: "15s" },
        { target: 0, duration: "15s" },
      gracefulRampDown: "30s",
      exec: "scenario_1",

export function scenario_1() {
  let response;

  // Get homepage
  response = http.get("");

  // Automatically added sleep

Run tests

To run tests from the CLI, open your terminal follow these steps:

  1. Change to the directory to where you saved.
  2. Run the script using one of the following three options.
    • Local execution. Run locally and view results locally.
    • Cloud execution. Run on the cloud and view results on the cloud.
    • Stream results. Run locally and send the results results to cloud.

Local execution

Running tests locally is great way to incrementally test your script as you write it. Don’t worry about the cloud-specific options: k6 ignores these in local execution.

To run locally, use the k6 run command:

k6 run cloud_demo.js

Cloud execution

To run a cloud test from the CLI, you’ll need a Token for authenticating the k6 CLI with the k6 Cloud App.

  1. To get a personal token in Grafana Cloud, go to k6 Cloud App > Settings.

  2. Copy your personal token.

  3. Use the token to authenticate your k6 CLI.

    k6 login cloud --token <YOUR_PERSONAL_K6_CLOUD_API_TOKEN>

    Note that you only need to authenticate once your local k6 CLI. Alternatively, other authentication options are available.

To run cloud tests from your CLI, use the k6 cloud command:

k6 cloud cloud_demo.js

Run locally and stream to the Cloud

You can also generate load from a local machine and stream the results for storage and visualization on Grafana Cloud. A frequent use case for this feature is to run load tests on networks that aren’t accessible from the public internet.

To stream results to Grafana Cloud k6, use the k6 run --out cloud:

k6 run --out cloud cloud_demo.js