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Correlate results in Grafana

A unique advantage of combining k6 with Grafana is that you can compare data from both sides of the test―server-side and client-side metrics―in one place. Add test results data to your Grafana dashboards for easy correlation between test results and other system metrics.

Placing your test results alongside other panels can be a powerful tool for test analysis. For example, you could compare CPU utilization with built-in k6 HTTP metrics such as:

  • http_reqs, to measure traffic arrival in requests
  • http_req_duration, to measure latency in request duration
  • http_req_failed, to measure availability in terms of successful requests.

Thus, with only four measurements, you could graphically explore the relationships between something like the four golden signals.


Use Grafana Explore to query metrics and show test results as graph and a table. You can query distinct data types from multiple sources and visualize them together for comparison and correlation.

To work directly with the k6 queries of a panel on Explore:

  1. Navigate to a test result view.

  2. Find a panel to query their metrics.

  3. Click the Kebab menu (three dots).

    Select Explore metrics

  4. Click Explore.

    Explore displays the metric or group of metrics.


Add a panel for the k6 data source

To add k6 metrics as a panel, follow these steps:

  1. Open the dashboard that you want to add the panel to.
  2. Select the Add panel icon.
  3. For Data source, choose k6.
  4. Filter for your Test, Test run, Project, and Query type.
  5. Save.

Copy a k6 panel to a dashboard

Add a k6 panel to a dashboard when you want to visualize k6 results with other existing visualizations, such as observability data of the system under test.

  1. Find the k6 panel.

  2. Click the Kebab menu (three dots).

  3. Click Copy to Clipboard.

  4. Navigate to the dashboard that you want to add the panel.

  5. Click the Add Panel icon.

    The Add panel dialog opens.

    Screenshot of the add panel dialog
    Screenshot of the add panel dialog
  6. Click Paste panel from clipboard.

Once added the k6 panel to a dashboard, you can edit the panel options.

Change the panel visualization

To change the panel visualization:

  1. Click on the panel title

    Screenshot of the panel menu
    Screenshot of the panel menu
  2. Click Edit

  3. Click the right sidebar to change the visualization

    You can see a list of visualizations to select.

    Screenshot of the edit panel
    Screenshot of the edit panel

The majority of the k6 panels are Time series visualizations. For details, refer to query types.