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Set up and use tracing

Along with metrics and logs, tracing is one of the three pillars of modern observability. Tracing is a way to track a single request and log that single request as it crosses through all of the services in your infrastructure.

How to send traces

To send traces to Grafana Cloud Traces, you need a running Grafana Agent instance or an OpenTelemetry Collector instance in your environment.

Grafana Cloud Traces

In the configuration section of the agent, set the following fields:

  - name: default
    receivers:  # enable the receivers that you need
      - endpoint: <Your Traces instance remote_write endpoint>
          username: <Your Traces instance instance ID>
          password: <Your API Key>

For general information about using the Grafana Agent for traces, refer to the Tempo documentation for Grafana Agent. For the full list of configuration options, refer to Grafana Agent traces configuration options.

If you would like to use the OpenTelemetry Collector to send traces to Grafana Cloud, check out this blog post that explains how to do so in detail.


For additional information, refer to the Tempo documentation links below.