Grafana Cloud Alerting

AlertsGrafana Cloud Alerting

Grafana Cloud Alerting allows you to create and manage all of your Prometheus alerts, for both metrics and logs. With this feature, you don’t need to leave Grafana, upload or edit configuration files, or install additional tools.


All members of an organization that have alerts set up can view alerts in Grafana Cloud Alerting. This includes everyone with a Viewer, Editor, or Admin role.

Users with the organization Admin role can also create, edit, or delete alerts.


Prometheus supports two types of rules:

  • Recording rules - Recording rules allow you to execute expressions or queries, by saving them off as a stored rule instead.
  • Alerting rules - Alerting rules allow you to define alert conditions and to route those notifications to an external service. An alert fires if metrics meet criteria defined in the alerting rule.

Both of these rules are configurable from the Grafana Cloud Alerting interface and configured in the same way.

Groups and namespaces

By default, all alerting and recording rules created in Grafana Cloud Alerting will default to a single namespace and a single rule group. While Grafana Cloud Alerting does support viewing multiple namespaces and rule groups that have been added through the cortextool, it is currently not possible to add new namespaces and rule groups or to rename the existing ones.

Alert states

Alert states are identical to the standard format found in Prometheus rule configurations. In Grafana Cloud Alerting, each individiual alert is highlighted by its state to more clearly distinguish between alerts.

  • Firing - Alerts that have been active for longer than the configured threshold. Alerts are highlighted in red and tagged with a red firing label.
  • Pending - Alerts that have been active for less than the configured threshold. Alerts are highlighted in orange.
  • Inactive - Alerts that are neither firing nor pending. Alerts are highlighted in green.