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Controller metrics

The Grafana Agent Flow component controller exposes Prometheus metrics which can be used to investigate the controller state.

Metrics for the controller are exposed at the /metrics HTTP endpoint of the Grafana Agent HTTP server, which defaults to listening on http://localhost:12345.

The documentation for the grafana-agent run command describes how to modify the address Grafana Agent listens on for HTTP traffic.

The controller exposes the following metrics:

  • agent_component_controller_evaluating (Gauge): Set to 1 whenever the component controller is currently evaluating components. Note that this value may be misrepresented depending on how fast evaluations complete or how often evaluations occur.
  • agent_component_controller_running_components (Gauge): The current number of running components by health. The health is represented in the health_type label.
  • agent_component_evaluation_seconds (Histogram): The number of completed graph evaluations performed by the component controller with how long they took.