Grafana Agent FlowGetting started

Getting Started

Install Grafana Agent

To use Grafana Agent Flow, first install Grafana Agent. Grafana Agent Flow is an operating mode which will be available in an upcoming Grafana Agent release.

Running Grafana Agent Flow

Grafana Agent Flow can be enabled by setting the EXPERIMENTAL_ENABLE_FLOW environment variable to true.

Then, use the agent run command to start Grafana Agent Flow, replacing FILE_PATH with the path of a config file to use:


Grafana Agent Flow uses a different command-line interface and command line flags than the normal Grafana Agent. You can see the supported commands and the flags they support in the reference documentation for the command-line interface.

You can use this file as an example to get started:

prometheus.scrape "default" {
  targets = [
    {"__address__" = ""},
  forward_to = [prometheus.remote_write.default.receiver]

prometheus.remote_write "default" {
  // No endpoints configured; metrics will be accumulated locally in a WAL
  // and discarded.