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Wednesday, Jun 14

How Grafana k6 helps you break your APIs to make them stronger

In this session, Jose Luis Latorre Millas, Software Architect & Developer Community Lead at SwissLife AG, will explain why regularly breaking your own APIs is the best way to make them stronger. Using Grafana k6 for performance testing, he will discuss what metrics to check, what to test, and best practices for getting it done. You’ll learn how to implement k6 tests and run them against test-ready APIs hosted at Azure App Service, expand from a simple k6 test into a full-fledged performance test, and then interpret the results with built-in k6 Cloud visualizations.

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  • Jose Luis Latorre Millas
    Jose Luis Latorre Millas
    Software Architect & Developer Community Lead at Swiss Life

Golden Grot Awards

Golden Grot Awards

We’re celebrating the amazing Grafana dashboards our community has created over the past decade. Top dashboards will be honored at GrafanaCON, and two grand prize winners will be treated to a trip to Stockholm.
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