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Published Dashboards

VictoriaMetricsby VictoriaMetrics

Downloads: 52035|Reviews: 4|uploaded on May 20, 2019|
Overview for single node VictoriaMetrics v1.79.0 or higher

VictoriaMetrics - clusterby VictoriaMetrics

Downloads: 590582|Reviews: 1|uploaded on November 12, 2019|
Overview for cluster VictoriaMetrics v1.79.0 or higher
VictoriaMetrics - cluster

VictoriaMetrics - cluster per tenant statisticby VictoriaMetrics

Downloads: 36|Reviews: 0|uploaded on June 7, 2022
Per-tenant overview of Enterprise Cluster VictoriaMetrics v1.56.0 or higher
VictoriaMetrics - cluster per tenant statistic

VictoriaMetrics - vmagentby VictoriaMetrics

Downloads: 67161|Reviews: 1|uploaded on July 19, 2020|
Overview for VictoriaMetrics vmagent v1.80.0 or higher
VictoriaMetrics - vmagent

VictoriaMetrics - vmalertby VictoriaMetrics

Downloads: 13843|Reviews: 0|uploaded on August 31, 2021
Overview for VictoriaMetrics vmalert v1.73.0 or higher
VictoriaMetrics - vmalert