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TextArea is a fundamental component used for capturing larger inputs from users, such as descriptions or detailed information.


TextArea should be used with the Field component to get labels and descriptions. The default HTML validation can be enabled by using the required prop.

Live Editor
<Field label="Message" description="Write your message here">
  <TextArea name="importantTextarea" required />

When to use

Use a TextArea when you need users to input longer, free-form text. This could be for capturing descriptions, feedback, or any other information that can't be reasonably contained in a single line input field.

Placeholder text usage

The TextArea component supports the placeholder prop, which can be used to provide a hint to the user about what kind of input is expected. This should be used sparingly, as it can be confusing to users if the placeholder text disappears when they start typing. If you do use placeholder text, make sure it is very clear what kind of input is expected. For example, "Enter your feedback here" is better than "Enter your message here".

Implementation / Options

The TextArea component includes an optional invalid prop which can be set to true to highlight the TextArea as having an error. This can be used to visually indicate problems, like validation errors or incorrect input.

In addition to the invalid prop, the TextArea component by default accepts all the standard attributes of the HTMLTextAreaElement as props. This makes sure that TextArea can be used as a drop-in replacement for the standard HTML textarea element.