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CLI commands

Use the CLI for essential tasks of plugin development, substituting npm for pnpm, or yarn based on your choice of package manager.

npm run build

Compiles and bundles the project using Webpack in production mode.

npm run dev

Runs Webpack in watch mode for development, continually monitoring for changes.

npm run e2e

Runs Grafana end-to-end tests using Cypress.

npm run e2e:update

Runs Grafana end-to-end tests and tests any test screenshots, using Cypress.

npm run lint

Lints the frontend codebase using ESLint with the .gitignore file to ignore certain files. Results are cached locally to speed up future linting tasks.

npm run lint:fix

Lints the frontend codebase using ESLint and automatically fixes detected issues.

npm run typecheck

Performs a type-checking process on the frontend code using TypeScript.

npm run server

Launches the Grafana development server using Docker.

npm run sign

Signs the Grafana plugin using the latest version of @grafana/sign-plugin.

npm run test

Executes frontend tests, running only the tests that have changed, and enables a watch mode for ongoing testing.

npm run test:ci

Runs frontend tests for CI, ensuring it passes even with no tests, and utilizes a maximum of four workers for parallel execution.