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Grafana plugin examples

Sample plugins give you insights into the structure, features, and implementation details of several types of Grafana plugins. These are real-world code examples that you can study and even reuse in your projects.

The following lists describe some of our popular plugins. For a complete list, see the README.

Panel plugins

  • panel-basic: This is a good starting point for creating a simple panel plugin to visualize data, navigate dashboards, or control devices.
  • panel-frame-select: This example shows how to update panel options with values from a data query response.

Data source plugins

  • datasource-basic: This app shows how to integrate a new data source including in-house metrics applications into a data source plugin.
  • datasource-http-backend: This app demonstrates how to query data from HTTP-based APIs, where the HTTP calls happen on the backend. Supports alerting.
  • datasource-logs: This app shows how to create a data source plugin with logging features.
  • datasource-streaming: Update visualizations in real time using RxJS and WebSockets.

App plugins

  • app-basic: This app plugin shows how to add fundamental features such as navigation, routing, styling, and configuration.
  • app-with-backend: This app plugin adds support for a backend including handling incoming HTTP requests.
  • app-with-dashboards: This example shows how to include pre-built dashboards with your app plugin.
  • app-with-extension-point: This example shows how to add a plugin extension point that can be extended by other plugins.
  • app-with-scenes: Build a basic app plugin using the @grafana/scenes framework. This example shows examples of custom pages, nested data sources, and panel plugins.