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Introduction to plugin end-to-end testing

@grafana/plugin-e2e is designed specifically for Grafana plugin developers. It extends @playwright/test capabilities with relevant fixtures, models, and expect matchers; enabling comprehensive end-to-end testing of Grafana plugins across multiple versions of Grafana. This package simplifies the testing process, ensuring your plugin is robust and compatible with various Grafana environments.

The problem

Plugin authors typically want their plugins to be compatible with a range of Grafana versions. This can be challenging because things such as environment, APIs and UI components may differ from one Grafana version to another. Therefore, manually testing a plugin across multiple versions of Grafana is a tedious process, so in most cases end-to-end testing offers a better solution.

The solution

The @grafana/plugin-e2e tool offers a consistent way to interact with the Grafana UI without having to handle UI deviations in the plugin test code. The APIs of @grafana/plugin-e2e are guaranteed to work with all the latest minor versions of Grafana since 8.5.0. In addition to cross-version compatibility, the tool provides a set of features that simplify the end-to-end testing experience:

  • Predefined fixtures: Offers a set of predefined fixtures that are tailored for Grafana plugin testing.
  • Custom models: Provides custom models that represent pages and components in Grafana, simplifying maintenance and creating reusable code to avoid repetition.
  • Expect matchers: Includes a range of expect matchers that are specialized for Grafana plugin assertions, helping you validate plugin behavior more effectively.
  • Integration with Playwright: Seamlessly integrates with the Playwright testing framework, leveraging its powerful browser automation capabilities.