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Automate packaging and signing with GitHub CI

We recommend setting up your plugin to use the supplied Github workflows from create-plugin to ensure that your plugin will be built and packaged in the correct format.

To do so, refer to these docs.

Additionally, we recommend using the zip file produced from this workflow to test the plugin.

If a Grafana Access Policy Token is included in your Github repository secrets, a signed build is automatically created, which you can use to test the plugin locally before submission.

By creating a release tag, the whole process becomes automated, resulting in a zip file that you can submit for publication to the Grafana plugin catalog

The zip file can be downloaded from the summary page of the CI workflow.

Create a release tag

A tag with the format vX.X.X is used to trigger the release workflow. Typically all of your changes will be merged into main, and the tag is applied to main

git checkout main
git pull origin main
git tag v2.0.1
git push origin v2.0.1

If you need to re-tag the release, the current tag can be removed with these commands:

git tag -d v2.0.1
git push --delete origin v2.0.1
git checkout main
git pull origin main

After you push the tag, you can create the same tag again.

Download the release zip file

Access the final release zip file directly from the GitHub repository release path (e.g.

Next steps

When you've packaged your plugin, proceed to publishing a plugin or installing a packaged plugin.