Democratize metrics. Regain control of your monitoring. consolidates your traditionally disparate data into a single platform. Visualize your local data alongside a hosted and scalable metric store. Share dashboards, panels and apps with the Grafana community – hundreds of thousands strong and create your own integrations for the world to use. Monitor the health your Grafana instances no matter where they live, and get support directly from the core Grafana team.

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Extend and Share

Extend and Share

Your stack is complex. Every component is vital. You need a unified solution, not yet another system. You already use Grafana to visualize key metrics. Wouldn’t it be nice to use it to monitor, well, everything?

Leverage the power of our community to extend your Grafana. Now you can discover, share and create dashboards, data sources, panels and even entire applications for Grafana.

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Host and Scale

Host and Scale

Is it really a good use of your time to wrestle with Graphite? Leave the heavy lifting to us, so that you can focus on what really matters.

Our hosted Graphite data source is linearly scalable and fully compatible with what you’re already using. Everything is seamless.

We utilize our own next generation Graphite implementation, custom designed to handle millions of write operations per second, with data replicated over three different availability zones.

We automatically consolidate your data by applying a variety of functions across every measurement - min, max, average, sum, and count. You can choose between data consolidation that makes sense.

Time series data really comes alive when paired with context and metrics from log data, so we also offer an Elasticsearch compatible data source, so that you can truly “bring it all together” with the power of Grafana.

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Support and Protect

Support and Protect

As the company behind Grafana, we’re here to make you successful. All users get:

  • Developer Support

    Have a question? We have answers. Join our Slack channel and receive real time support. It’s a great compliment to our community Github support.

  • Dashboard Backups

    You’re probably backing up your data, why not your dashboards? Dashboards are often painstakingly created and tweaked, and are institutional knowledge about how you want to interpret your data. Protect them.

  • Basic Health Monitoring

    We will automatically monitor the health of your Grafana, and all of its connected data sources, and help you ensure that all your Grafana users always have a great experience.

Upgrade your subscription to receive 24x7x365 production assistance and advanced health monitoring of all your Grafanas and data sources.

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Visualize and Analyze

Visualize and Analyze

Loved by the community. Now ready for the enterprise. We’re the company behind Grafana, the de facto standard for visualizing time series data. No matter where your data is, or what kind of database it lives in, you can bring it together with Grafana. Beautifully. is a central hub to manage your Grafana instances, whether they are on-premises, hosted elsewhere, or run by us.

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