Grafana Incident

Powerful incident management,
built on top of Grafana

Grafana Incident makes responding to incidents faster by automating the toilsome tasks of incident management, which helps you focus on actually fixing the issue.

Help anyone declare an incident

View summaries of what happened in the incident as well as outstanding tasks in a single UI.

Well, maybe not some rando — access control/security helps you manage this.

Reduce MTTR

Let our workflows quickly assign roles and document learnings from chat ops/UI with integrations to your favorite tools, such as GitHub, Slack, and Google Suite.

Also reduces stress, anxiety, toxins in your system, pollution, food waste, and seriousness.

Inform stakeholders faster

Understand critical events from the timeline, who is responsible for what, and easily view insights across incidents — all without having to ask.

Although sometimes asking for what you want is important in relationships.


Manage incidents right in the chat box

With the chatbot, engineers can interact with Grafana Incident without even opening a web browser. A command-line interface lets you create incidents, assign roles, manage tasks, add notes, and more.

Additionally, the bot passively watches the conversation for clues that might be important later. URLs are processed and attached to the incident.

Critical actions timeline

Grafana Incident automatically maintains a timeline of events as the incident unfolds. You can add notes, links, and graphs to the incident for added context. You can even mark important insights with the 🤖 directly in Slack and the bot will attach those messages to the timeline.

critical actions
related incients

The Suggestbot in Grafana Incident uses machine learning to look for Grafana dashboards that may be related to what’s going on. Using the title of the incident, it searches your dashboards for those that seem related based on an NLP (Natural Language Processing) understanding of their titles.

Automatically create the spaces you need

You can start collaborating immediately with all the essential spaces and resources instantly set up, such as a Slack channel, meeting space, postmortem doc, and more.


It’s easy to get started with incident management

For full implementation details and best practices,


Sign up

Create your free Grafana Cloud account.


Connect tools (recommended)

Set up integrations to your favorite apps, such as Slack, where you can add the Grafana Incident chatbot to the relevant channel.


Start declaring incidents

Declare an incident, and the bot will take you on a tour.

Grafana Cloud Incident Response & Management (IRM)

Detect, respond, and learn. Grafana’s Incident Response & Management (IRM) tools simplify the incident workflow to help you focus on managing incidents, not your tools.

Cloud Free

No payment. Ever.
Best suited for early stage and small teams with up to 3 active IRM users per month.
Easiest way to get started

Cloud Pro

Pay as you go
Best suited for growing teams that need to scale above 3 active IRM users and unlock 8x5 support.

Cloud Advanced

Premium bundle
Best suited for teams looking to scale above 3 active IRM users and unlock 24x7 support.

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