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Metrictank is a multi-tenant timeseries platform for Graphite developed by Grafana Labs. Metrictank powers Grafana Cloud’s Metrics Graphite platform, and monitoring/observability systems at companies such as Bloomberg and Expedia.

Metrictank provides high availability and efficient long-term storage, retrieval, and processing for large-scale environments. It also provides enhanced functionality such as meta tags, per-request performance/cost statistics, and controls to limit the impact of expensive queries.

Grafana Labs is proud to lead the development of Metrictank, building first-class support for Metrictank into Grafana, and ensuring Grafana customers receive Metrictank support and features they need.


Horizontally scalable and highly available

Metrictank clustering is modeled around Kafka, which provides a robust write-ahead log and allows for a large degree of flexibility when deploying Metrictank itself. You can run multiple replicas and separate out reading, writing, and query roles, if desired. Nodes communicate via gossip and are eventually consistent (typically sub-second).

Efficient storage

Our storage format is inspired by the Facebook gorilla paper, making use of heavily compressed chunks and reducing your overall storage costs over long periods of time. Supported backends are Bigtable and Cassandra. Compared to other Cassandra-based solutions, our approach of storing compressed chunks rather than individual values allows us to get great performance out of Cassandra.

Ingestion and querying

Metrictank, through the use of sharding, can easily scale to ingest tens of millions of data points per second, and these data points are available immediately (sub-second) for querying.

Graphite compatible

Metrictank can replace a Graphite cluster. It supports most of the same processing functions (proxying to Graphite to handle less common functions that aren’t “native” yet), and tooling is available to import data from Whisper. Users commonly achieve 10x disk space reduction.

Additional functionality

Metrictank extends Graphite with meta tags, series lineage metadata, multi-tenancy, query load restrictions, and more.


Come join our community! We are active on Slack and host monthly public community calls.

Want to contribute to Metrictank? It’s easy: Check out our contributor guidelines.


Florian Boucault
Florian Boucault

Senior Software Engineer

Robert Milan
Robert Milan

Engineering Manager

Dieter Plaetinck
Dieter Plaetinck

Principal Software Engineer

Mauro Stettler
Mauro Stettler

Senior Software Engineer

Anthony Woods
Anthony Woods

CTO, Co-Founder

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