Node Exporter Full 0.15


Updated metrics name, to comply with Prometheus2.1 Dashboard from with updated metrics names for Node Exporter 0.15 version. In templating changed metric name to find hosts.
Last updated: 3 years ago

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    Screenshot from 2018-07-18 16-00-20.png

Tested on Ubuntu 18.04:

prometheus-node-exporter 0.15.2+ds (Ubuntu 18.04 default)

prometheus 2.1.0

grafana 5.2.1

Removed 5 panels due to discontinued metrics:

node_netstat_TcpExt_TCPPrequeued - lost

node_netstat_TcpExt_TCPPrequeueDropped - lost

node_netstat_TcpExt_TCPDirectCopyFromBacklog - lost

node_netstat_TcpExt_TCPDirectCopyFromPrequeue - lost

node_vmstat_nr_alloc_batch - lost