OpenNMS Basic SNMP data


Display basic SNMP data collected on Linux hosts with OpenNMS >= 23.0.0 for use with OpenNMS Helm 2.0.0 in Grafana 5.4.0 (optionally with R for trendlines).
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This dashboard shows performance metrics collected via SNMP. It is inteded for OpenNMS 23.x with OpenNMS Helm 2.x and Grafana 5.4.0. For older versions of OpenNMS / Grafana please dowload revision 5.


The forecasts require R to be installed on the grafana/opennms-helm server. This can be done on Ubuntu with the following command:

$ sudo apt-get install r-recommended


  • Revision 8

    • Added disk trends
    • Automatically display trends
  • Revision 7

    • Updated Memory Panel
    • Cosmetic changes for playlist usage (CPU, Load, Memory, and Disk on one screen)
  • Revision 6

    • Added Memory Panel
    • Added ssCpuRawGuest, ssCpuRawGuestNice, and ssCpuRawSteal metrics (might require datacollection changes)
  • Revision 5 (Last version with OpenNMS 21.x and Grafana 4.6 support)

    • Added DiskIOIndex (Disk Load)
    • Added Number of users panel
    • Added Number of processes panel
    • Added System uptime panel
    • Added Top row with Load, #Users, #Process, Uptime
    • Merged Swap statistics and TCP statistics
  • Revision 4

    • Added LM Sensor data
    • Beautified interface and hrStorage names

Known Bugs

  • The top four metrics do not display the last available datapoint ("Edit" -> "Metrics" -> "Aggregation" > "Last" does not work using RRD)