Selenoid Stats


Browsers and resource usage for project
Last updated: 4 years ago

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Example dashboard for Selenoid's Sending Statistics to External Systems help section, but with telegraf + influxdb pair.


  • Shows total usage of browsers on each host
  • Can show usage of browsers in quota
  • Can show browser usage in quotas
  • Can match LA with active browsers


You should install telegraf agent on each selenoid host to make possible system metrics collection.


Example of ready-to-use telegraf+influxdb+grafana with docker-compose can be found at

Collector Configuration Details

percpu = true
totalcpu = true
fielddrop = ["time_*"]
collect_cpu_time = false
report_active = false

# no configuration

# no configuration

name_override = "selenoid_status"

# Your servers (in case of selenoid 1:1 installation always same host as selenoid)
servers = [
response_timeout = "5s"
method = "GET"