WeatherFlow Collector - Current Conditions


WeatherFlow Collector provides multiple ways of collecting data from the WeatherFlow Tempest, Air, and Sky weather systems. These Grafana dashboards offer visualizations in real-time for current conditions, derived metrics, and forecasting.
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This dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your station location, combining all "at-a-glance" metrics from your WeatherFlow device. The current conditions dashboard is divided up into:

  • Temperature & Wind: observed, feels like, forecast high and low, the chance of precipitation, humidity, sea level pressure, UV, wind speed, and direction.)

  • Sunrise & Sunset and Sky Conditions

  • Temperature & Brightness: Heat index, wind chill, dry bulb, wet bulb, dew point, station pressure, brightness, solar radiation, and air density.

  • Rain & Lightning: Rain accumulation (today and yesterday), rain duration (today and yesterday), lightning last detected, last distance, and the number of lightning detections during the previous 3 hours.

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