Dashboard of network events and statistics
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Network Dashboard host or guest machine.

Show metrics:

  • Read/write bandwidth per network interface in bytes/s
  • Packets, Drops and Errors per network interface
  • Network events: tcp/udp, ip/icmp
  • Network extend statistic tcp, udp, ip, icmp


Collector Configuration Details

Interval 60
LoadPlugin write_graphite
<Plugin write_graphite>
    <Node "{{ graphite_node }}">
        Host "{{ graphite_host }}"
        Port "{{ graphite_port }}"
        Protocol "tcp"
        LogSendErrors true
        Prefix "{{ graphite_prefix }}."
        Postfix ""
        StoreRates false
        AlwaysAppendDS false
        EscapeCharacter "_"

LoadPlugin syslog
<Plugin syslog>
        LogLevel info
LoadPlugin interface
<Plugin interface>
    Interface "lo"
    Interface "/^veth/"
    IgnoreSelected true