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Imixs-Cloud is an open infrastructure project, providing a lightweight docker based runtime environment for small and medium-sized organizations. This projects goal is to build, run and maintain business applications in a production ready and self managed kubernetes cluster. The main objectives of Imixs-Cloud are simplicity, transparency and operational readiness.

The imixs-prometheus stack is a deployment stack including all necessary services to monitor a kuberentes cluster. The imixs-prometheus stack is based on kustomize which allows you to get better insights how the stack is build and also a convenient way for customizing the stack for individual needs.

You can find details on Github

Collector Configuration Details

The configuration details how prometheus scrapes the metric data form the different metric APIs is defined in the config file config/prometheus.yaml. You can use this file to customizes the different jobs or add new jobs for you own business applications.

The configuration is provided as a config map which need to be generated before you can start the deployment. To create the config map run:

$ kubectl create namespace monitoring
$ kubectl create configmap prometheus-config --from-file=./management/monitoring/metrics-server/config/prometheus.yml -n monitoring

A basic deployment can be run via kubectl and the base kustomize setup hosted on github:

$ kubectl apply -k
Get this dashboard: