Dashboard file system space and inodes usage
Last updated: a year ago

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FreeSpace Dashboard host or guest mashine. grafana->graphite->collectd

Collector Configuration Details

FQDNLookup false

TypesDB "/usr/share/collectd/types.db" "/etc/collectd/types.db"

Interval 60
LoadPlugin write_graphite
<Plugin write_graphite>
    <Node "<node>">
        Host "<host>"
        Port "<port>"
        Protocol "tcp"
        LogSendErrors true
        Prefix "<prefix>."
        Postfix ""
        StoreRates false
        AlwaysAppendDS false
        EscapeCharacter "_"

LoadPlugin syslog
<Plugin syslog>
        LogLevel info

LoadPlugin tail
LoadPlugin python

<Include "/etc/collectd/collectd.conf.d">
        Filter "*.conf"