We’ve all experienced the pain of being on call, and we felt we could improve that process. When things go wrong, Grafana dashboards are often the first place on-call teams go to search for answers in their metrics, logs, and traces. And they’re often the last place teams look when putting together an incident postmortem. Grafana has always enabled users to leverage other IRM platforms, and we wanted to make things even easier.

Grafana OnCall, now generally available with all Grafana Cloud free and paid plans, was built to help DevOps and SRE teams improve their on-call management process and resolve incidents faster. With OnCall, users can create and manage on-call schedules, automate escalations, and monitor incident response from a central view, right within the Grafana Cloud UI. Teams no longer have to manage separate alerts from Grafana, Prometheus, and Alertmanager, lowering the risk of missing an important update and limiting the time spent receiving and responding to notifications.

In this practical webinar, we’ll walk you through the initial configuration for Grafana OnCall and connecting Grafana OnCall with sources like Alertmanager, Zabbix, New Relic, or Datadog, and discuss how to set up an efficient on-call management process. We’ll also do a deep dive into grouping, and alert rendering.

During this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Connect Grafana OnCall with sources like on-premises Grafana, Alertmanager, Zabbix, New Relic, or Datadog.
  • Set up escalations
  • Configure routes
  • Fine-tune grouping to avoid alert fatigue
  • Set up Slack, Phone Calls notifications

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Matvey Kukuy

Matvey Kukuy

Senior Engineering Manager at Grafana Labs

Matvey Kukuy is a Senior Engineering Manager at Grafana Labs. He co-founded Amixr and is leading the Grafana OnCall team.