Cloud native observability is usually based on three pillars: metrics, logging, and tracing. During a KubeCon Europe keynote in Barcelona last year, Frederic Branczyk and Tom Wilkie predicted that we will see more than just those three signals in the near future and that they will be linkable and integrated better than ever.

Looks like the future is now! During this talk, Frederic Branczyk and Bartek Plotka, Prometheus and Thanos maintainers, will introduce an open source project that allows users to scrape performance profiles continuously from running applications. Built using the Prometheus database, it leverages your existing CNCF monitoring patterns (Prometheus, Jaeger, Grafana) to enhance the debugging of crucial past performance issues.

This talk will give you actionable steps and demonstrate how to improve your own Kubernetes debugging story and reduce incident mean time to resolution (MTTR).


Bartek Plotka
Bartek Plotka

Principal Software Engineer
Red Hat

Bartek Plotka is a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat with a background in SRE, currently working on OpenShift Observability. As the co-author of the CNCF Thanos project and core maintainer of various open source projects including the Prometheus project, he enjoys building OSS communities and maintainable, reliable distributed systems. On top of that, he is active in the CNCF SIG Observability as the technical lead. Volleyball player in his free time.

Frederic Branczyk
Frederic Branczyk

Founder & CEO
Polar Signals

Frederic is the founder and CEO of Polar Signals. Before founding Polar Signals he was a senior principal engineer and the main architect for all things observability at Red Hat, which he joined through the CoreOS acquisition. Frederic is a Prometheus and Thanos maintainer as well as the tech lead for the special interest group for instrumentation in Kubernetes. In a previous life, he was a security researcher working on key management solutions as well as intrusion detection systems. When not working on software, Frederic enjoys obsessing over brewing a perfect cup of coffee.