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Using Grafana and machine learning for real-time microscopy image analysis

Theia Scientific provides real-time image and data analysis automation technology for scientists and engineers who conduct research utilizing optical, electron, and X-ray-based microscopy instrumentation in network- and time-constrained environments.

In this session, Theia’s production team will demonstrate deployment of machine learning (ML) models on an edge computing device for real-time microscopy image analysis using Balena for remote device management and Grafana for application control and visualization. Custom panel plugins and dashboards packaged as a Grafana application are combined with a container-based, multi-service architecture to present scientists and engineers using electron microscopes with a coherent and customizable platform for automated image analysis. In this presentation, you’ll learn about the challenges and solutions to using Grafana for ML-based image analysis in resource- and network-constrained environments through a demonstration and application walkthrough.

  • Christopher Field
    Christopher Field
    President, Managing Member, Lead Developer at Theia Scientific
  • Mikhail Volkov
    Mikhail Volkov
    Founder/CEO at Volkov Labs