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DevelopersBuild a plugin

Build a plugin

For more information on the types of plugins you can build, refer to the Plugin Overview.

Get started

The easiest way to start developing Grafana plugins is to use the Grafana Toolkit.

Open the terminal, and run the following command in your plugin directory:

npx @grafana/toolkit plugin:create my-grafana-plugin

If you want a more guided introduction to plugin development, check out our tutorials:

Go further

Learn more about specific areas of plugin development.


If you’re looking to build your first plugin, check out these introductory tutorials:

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Improve an existing plugin with one of our guides:


Deepen your knowledge through a series of high-level overviews of plugin concepts:

UI library

Explore the many UI components in our Grafana UI library.


For inspiration, check out our plugin examples.

API reference

Learn more about Grafana options and packages.



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