Grafana Cloud

Public probes

In Grafana Cloud Synthetic Monitoring, Probes are the monitoring agents responsible for simulating user interactions with your web applications or services. These agents periodically send requests to predefined URLs and record the responses, checking for expected outcomes and measuring performance.

Public probes are operated by Grafana Labs and are distributed in various geographical locations to simulate user traffic from different regions. This helps identify and analyze potential performance and availability issues that might be specific to certain locations. You can choose from public probes in AMER, EMEA, and APAC.

You can also set up Private probes in Synthetic Monitoring.

If you need to allow access through your firewall, see source IPs for allow-listing.

Public probes are listed at Observability > Synthetics > Probes, along with your private probes.

The following is a list of available probes across Synthetic Monitoring by region:

The Americas (AMER)

  • Atlanta (US)
  • Dallas (US)
  • New York (US)
  • Newark (US)
  • North California (US)
  • North Virginia (US)
  • Ohio (US)
  • Oregon (US)
  • San Francisco (US)
  • Sao Paulo (BR)
  • Toronto (CA)

Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA)

  • Amsterdam (NL)
  • Cape Town (ZA)
  • Frankfurt (DE)
  • London (UK)
  • Paris (FR)

Asia-Pacific (APAC)

  • Bangalore (IN)
  • Mumbai (IN)
  • Seoul (KR)
  • Singapore (SG)
  • Sydney (AU)
  • Tokyo (JP)