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Grafana Incident is an intelligent incident management tool that optimizes the way you respond to disruptive and unexpected events. Integrations with your existing tools make it easier to declare incidents, collaborate, and communicate so you can focus on what’s important when things go wrong.

Grafana Incident is available to all Grafana Cloud Free, Pro, and Advanced users. If you’re not already using Grafana Cloud, sign up now for a free 14-day trial of Grafana Cloud Pro.

Intro to Grafana Incident

Watch the following product demo to see Grafana Incident in action:


Reduce MTTR

Grafana Incident enables you to resolve incidents faster by making it easier to coordinate and collaborate during an incident. Save valuable investigation time with automation and integrations with your existing tools.

Interact with incidents via Chatbot

Create and manage incidents directly from Slack with the Chatbot command-line interface. Assign roles, add tasks, update the incident severity, and more.

Automated incident response steps

Meet your team where they are and start collaborating on incidents faster. Grafana Incident automatically creates all the virtual spaces and resources, such as Slack channels, meeting rooms, and post-incident review documents.

Inform Stakeholders faster

Keep your stakeholder up-to-date without interruption to your response team. Grafana Incident passively tracks the timeline of an incident, so stakeholders can determine what happened and who’s involved during an incident. Once you’ve resolved the incident, gain valuable insights about your incident response process, what happened, and how.


Assign important roles

Incident roles help to identify who’s involved and what they’re doing. The investigator is responsible for diagnosing and resolving the incident, while the Incident Commander oversees the incident by managing communication, tasks, and necessary updates.

Customizable incident settings

Customize your Grafana Incident settings to fit any response process. Add labels to tag or group incidents, define severity levels, and choose what you call an active or resolved incident.

Built-in incident timeline and task management

The built-in timeline and task manager make it easier for responders to join the incident, review the activity, and identify what needs to be done. Manage and assign tasks to keep your incident response team aware and informed.

Grafana Suggestbot

The Grafana Incident Suggestbot utilizes the power of machine learning to proactively suggest dashboards. With Suggestbot enabled, related dashboards are automatically linked to an incident.

Presentation mode

Improve your post-incident review process and gain valuable insights about your incident response with Presentation Mode. Review past incidents transparently and often to learn and avoid similar incidents in the future.