Save the dates: June 7–17

Join the Grafana community for our annual celebration of everyone’s favorite open source monitoring platform at GrafanaCONline!

Hear from the Grafana Labs team about exciting next-generation features in Grafana 8.0, be inspired by what community members are building, and so much more.

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GrafanaCONline 2021
Call for presenters

Are you using Grafana to visualize data for a project that you’re really proud of? Are you a dashboard artist willing to share your design tips? If you’re doing something special you’d like to present to the Grafana community, you should apply to speak at GrafanaCONline!

We are seeking presenters for 20- and 40-minute sessions about how they are using Grafana in these following areas:

  • IT observability

    Show off how you work with metrics, traces, and logs inside Grafana! Using open source data sources like Prometheus, Loki, or Tempo? Perhaps our Enterprise plugins or ones you’ve built yourself? Tell us about your Grafana observability stack for mission critical applications and infrastructure.

  • Health & sciences

    We’ve seen Grafana used to study climate change, track the COVID-19 pandemic relief efforts, and even monitor rocket launches! GrafanaCONline is an excellent opportunity to share your research more widely.

  • IoT

    Are you using Grafana to aggregate data that’s being pulled in from hardware sensors or connected devices? From bee hives to power plants to robots patrolling warehouses and everything in between, Grafana is becoming a go-to solution for IoT monitoring use cases.

  • Business intelligence

    We want to hear from companies that are expanding their Grafana usage to help visualize business intelligence metrics around sales, marketing, and customer data. Submit a talk if your business “runs on Grafana” and you’re willing to showcase your dashboards and associated insights.

  • Grafana for fun

    There’s no such thing as all work and no play at GrafanaCONline. If you have a unique Grafana project you’re doing for fun and are passionate about, we want you to show it off! Virtual NOC walls, custom electric car dashboards, cool homelab setups — we love seeing how the community is having “GraFUNa.”

  • Don’t see how your project fits into one of these? That shouldn’t stop you. That just means it’s a type of story we haven’t thought of yet, so help us learn about it by applying.

Submit a CFP application by 06:59 UTC on Saturday, April 10 for consideration. Apply to speak
Hope to see you there!